Why Outsource SEO in the Philippines?

SEO outsourcing in the philippines

It is very expensive to hire a top local SEO company nowadays, and starting a new website is already costly. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to finish the work, many business owners decide to outsource their marketing and back-office needs to offshore companies, and many of whom choose to outsource to the Philippines.


Why So?

Filipinos speak English very well, have a resilient work ethic, and uphold good moral etiquette while working with their clients. The cost of SEO outsourcing in the Philippines is cheaper compared to other countries, which has led to more BPO companies investing in the country over the years.


Another good reason why clients especially American business owners choose to outsource SEO in the Philippines because the Philippines adapts well to American culture. US occupied the country for almost four decades, leaving behind traditions that the country still practices today.


Modern Marketing Strategy

online marketing seo servicesAmerican business owners should no longer rely on traditional marketing strategies. They need to expand their markets, not only in their local communities but also into the international scene. To accelerate business growth, they need to launch a website to help boost their sales and revenue. But creating a website alone is only the first step; they also need to be at the top of the search engines!


This is why they need the expertise of an SEO specialist to help them rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Truth is, you cannot manage a profitable online business without optimizing your website for search engines, and an SEO outsourcing company in the Philippines can help bring your business up to speed.


This is an especially good option for international businesses that are just starting out, because Filipino SEO specialists are much cheaper than their American counterparts.


How did SEO outsourcing start?

Paying employees is the biggest expense for any company. As America achieves greater economic stability, living standards improve, and workers demand higher salaries. It’s the start of an increasing burden for business owners.


As local workers continually demand higher salaries, businessmen are exploring alternative ways to remain competitive and profitable in the international market. The answer: foreign developing countries where the workforce operates at a lower cost, especially now that many businesses are struggling to survive in this Covid-19 situation, they definitely need a cheaper alternative.


SEO Outsourcing Benefits

  • Low-Cost: Online outsourcing is different from traditional outsourcing in that the internet grants you access to a global network, so you can easily open the data that you need. The cost of service reflects the SEO specialist’s quality of work, but you should keep in mind that outsourcing will save you money and time in the long run.
  • Line of Expertise: You can hire top-quality SEO specialists. This line of work is a very vital and quickly developing profession; you cannot simply hire an agent to do the job because it requires following new strategies that are constantly changing. It takes a lot of time to familiarize yourself with new and effective approaches, which is why specialists are so valuable.
  • Long-Term Business Solution: SEO is a long-term solution compared to other modern promotional methods. Every online business should have a separate unit to manage this marketing approach.

Many people decide to establish an SEO start-up business, as it offers long-term business relationship solutions, especially if you already plan to pursue strong optimization.


A lot of people believe that in-house SEO is the ideal long-term solution, but the question of cost still remains. If you want to pursue strong optimization, the best solution is to begin working with an outsourced company immediately.



There are many factors that need to be considered when you outsource SEO Services in the Philippines. Similar to other business choices, there are benefits and risks. Deciding what is best for your business is ultimately in your own hands; just make sure to do a background check beforehand. An efficient SEO specialist will help your business grow, and it is therefore a worthy long-term investment.


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