4 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Growing Your Business

Common SEO mistakes

They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In like manner, jumping into outsourcing or the search engine optimization (SEO) bandwagon for the purpose of increasing traffic and improving page rankings for your website can be disastrous if you have no idea what you’re doing. Even experienced marketing professionals make this mistake, thinking that their limited knowledge on SEO and internet marketing is enough.

But internet/digital marketing works differently and won’t give you the results you expect to optimize your blog or website. Mastering SEO is important if you want your business to stand out and banish the competition. Also, it’s important to get the right SEO outsourcing company for the best results.

To help you succeed in digital marketing and SEO, here are the four common SEO mistakes to avoid.


Using a Lot of Keywords or Keyword Stuffing

Right keywords and keyword phrases help your website attract the right audience and make it more visible to search engines like Google or Yahoo. However, too much of a good thing can be bad for your business. Filling your website with keywords just for the heck of it will make you sound like a parrot and turn off readers.

Worse, this nasty habit will tell search engines that your website has nothing else to say and will be marked as spam or completely ignored. Instead of driving people to your site, a website or blog crammed with keywords is a sure sign that it can’t be trusted and you’re trying hard to sell something. Not taking advantage of the right digital marketing techniques could mean the end of your business.


Not Using the Right Keywords or Untargeted Keywords

Just as bad as #1 is using the wrong keywords. These should tell readers what your business is all about so be careful when using them.

Keywords need to be written so that they carry phrases that are commonly used online. This reflects what people usually search for. For instance, instead of saying something general like “home-made cigars for sale”, try being more specific by saying “quality home-made cigars for sale in New York”. This tells readers what to expect from your SEO outsourcing company and where to find them.

Be sure tro change your keywords once you update your products or services. Otherwise, they won’t help your website or blog get the traffic it deserves.


Not Updating Your Blog Posts

Good content can increase traffic, especially if you’re active on social media platforms. But if you don’t do this on a regular basis, your efforts are doomed to fail. Create a schedule for new posts and update your content frequently. This tells readers that you are consistent and always have something interesting to say. In return, expect them to visit your website regularly. This will greatly help your digital marketing campaign.

Match the tone of your blog with the personality of your business. Don’t treat medical subjects lightly, and don’t be dead serious when you’re selling pet accessories.


Writing Bad Articles

It’s probably cheaper to hire bad writers or use article spinners or software that rewords old articles and makes them look like “new” ones. This a bad idea since you’re only telling readers that you’re too lazy, don’t care about your audience, and your blogs have little or no value at all.

Reward your readers’ loyalty by giving them fresh articles that are well-written and easy to understand. This will make you sound like an expert and give the impression that you always have something new to say to them. You’ll probably spend more by hiring good writers, but it’s a sound investment that will grow your business.


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