Identity Branding & Graphic Design

Create a Powerful and Impactful Image for Your Brand

We create a strong branding or brand identity that best represents your company’s voice and image. At BFA, we conjure a brand memory that will last.


Our Branding and Graphic Design Services

Social Media Branding

Enhance your social media presence, encourage brand retention and create posts that are so appealing for your customers to share.

Logo Design

Make a statement or stance on what you believed in, create a unique brand identity that will carry out your goals, mission/vision and voice.

Display Ads

Design your digital marketing ads to encourage click through rates (CTR), and eventually sales. May it be for Social Media Ads or Google Ads, we got you covered.

Product Label Design

Your business is your brand. Create a product label that commands customer attention at first glance, through proper color, typography and design.

Product Packaging design

Product Packaging Design

Dress up your product like you're dressing up for a wedding. Give your product a unique personality and chance to sell more.

Large Print Ads

Create an ad that will encourage your customers to buy. Put it on brochures, banners, catalogs, tarpaulines and so much more.

Our Portfolio

Our Objectives


Utilize modern techniques and high-level technical skills to create relevant and high-quality materials for advertising, marketing, and branding.


Assist with internal company design and marketing solutions team. Consult with the company to heighten the success of their brand designs, advertising materials and digital marketing campaigns.


Adapt to the company’s voice and mission to ensure total alignment of design concepts to company's values.

Brand Identity

You Need Us If


You are a marketing and advertising company looking to outsource your graphic design and branding needs.


You are a small to medium-sized business or corporation looking to enhance your overall image or create a brand new identity for your business, product or brand.

Why Us?

We analyze the client’s business to understand their visual communication problems and work closely with them to solve those problems. We create visual solutions to deliver the client’s message through effective branding by employing elements of design such as type, color, typography, illustration, animation, shape and texture.

We ensure innovative methods of communication for clients and their brands are properly applied in order to create value for their business. Our main goal is to give a competitive advantage to the client that sets them apart, especially in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.

We always uphold ethics and professionalism when working with clients. We’re committed to business practices and ethical standards that best serve our clients.